A Product from VisionSafe

EVAS by VisionSafe

The patented Emergency Vision Assurance System(EVAS®) is fully FAA tested and certified to ensure pilot vision in the presence of dense continuous smoke. With EVAS®, pilots are able to see the flight path and vital instruments as well as read approach plates and emergency procedures. The ability to perform these functions in an environment of continuous smoke will make a critical difference to safety.

In scores of simulator tests with EVAS®, pilots have landed safely with smoke in the cockpit so thick they could not see their hand in front of their face.Current aircraft design and certification criteria rely on smoke evacuation methods.

The test procedures for these methods measure the smoke clearing capacity against a "standard condition." That standard condition as defined in FAA Advisory Circular 25-9A states "to clear the cockpit of smoke after the pilot's view is obscured, without any further smoke being generated." What if the source of the smoke has not been isolated? Further, what if the evacuation system can't keep up with the smoke being generated?

The answer to these questions is EVAS®. It is the best way to ensure that the flight crew can maintain vision and safely control and land the aircraft when dense smoke in the cockpit cannot be stopped.