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EVAS by VisionSafe

Ten Important Facts

1. When you can't see, you can't fly.

2. "Smoke is the leading defined cause of emergency landings for ETOPS (Extended Twinengine Operations) aircraft." - Air Safety Week

3. "There are an average of three smoke incidents daily in the US. On average, one out of three require an emergency landing due to smoke." - Airline Pilots Association

4. "The time from first indication of smoke to an out-of-control situation may be very short." - Boeing Aero

5. "Evaluate cockpit emergency vision technology." - National Transportation Safety Board (in recommendation to the FAA after ValuJet loss)

6. In 2001 both the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) and the Coalition of Air Line Pilots Association (CAPA), whose combined memberships represent more than 100,000 pilots and over 50 airlines, endorsed the use of cockpit smoke displacement systems (CSDS) as "standard" equipment for all airlines.

7. EVAS® has received the Aerospace Industry's highest award in the category of "Training & Safety" at the 2001 Paris Air Show.

8. Bombardier, Dassault Falcon Jet and Gulfstream Aerospace, after thorough evaluation and review have designated EVAS® as standard client option for their prestigious line of jet aircraft.

9. At least 1230 lives have been lost in air crashes where smoke and pilots inability to see their instruments was cited as the primary cause.

10. Despite the FAA's 1992 recommendation, aircraft manufacturers do not certify aircraft using continuous or heavy smoke. EVAS® is the only certified solution to continuous smoke.

for more information regarding VisionSafe and the EVAS® system please visit our Why EVAS® page.