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VisionSafe Training Video:

Please view the video in conjunction with our Training Document (8015)

Video Description:

This video provides a complete comprehensive description of what the EVAS product is and options for arming and deploying the unit in a continuous smoke environment.

Training Options:

Online Training

A VisionSafe approved Computer Based Training (CBT) course is available through King Schools which provides training on the functions and use of EVAS. Register here for: King Schools

Simulator Training

Simulator training is available through: CAE and Flight Safety International at more than 75 locations worldwide. Training is available for EVAS® at a location near you. Please contact your Training Provider for more information on their EVAS Training Program.

OnSight Training

Eliminate travel costs & scheduling issues. VisionSafe staff come to your facility to train your crew or trainers. We offer classroom training and deployment is available in your aircraft or in our custom mobile cockpit smoke simulator. Contact Training@VisionSafe.com or call (973)864-6206 for more information and to check availability.

IVU Refolding Video : (authorized training facility use only)

This video requires a password and is only intended for use by our authorized training facilities. Click Here to access the video. For more information, contact Training@VisionSafe.com

To book EVAS OnSight Training you may email us directly at Training@VisionSafe.com
or click the button below to be taken to our contact page.


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