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The Effects of Smoke... Smoke within UPS Flight 006 Report

... A smoke in the cockpit demonstration at Banyan Air Service...

RAS reafirms role of cockpit smoke system: Smoke fire and fumes in transport aircraft, past history, current risk and recomended mitigations (PDF)

Banyan to Host Cockpit Smoke Demos: Banyan Air Service is offering cockpit crews the opportunity to experience the effects of smoke in the cockpit (PDF)

Royal Aeronautical Society Specialist Paper: Smoke, Fire and Fumes in Transport Aircraft: Past History, Current Risk and Recommended Mitigations (PDF)

Air Safety Week, October 20, 2003: Smoke Triggers More Diverted Flights Than Engine Problems (PDF)

Aviation International News, 2003: FAA Adds EVAS To Its Entire Fleet (PDF)

CNN, August 8, 2001: Cockpit Fire Forces AirTran Flight To Make Emergency Landing (PDF)

Press Release, July 3, 2001: EVAS Takes Top Honors At 2001 Aerospace Industry Awards (PDF)

Associated Press, August 26, 2000: US Jetliner Makes Emergency Landing (PDF)

The Globe And Mail, September 2, 2000: Swissair: Pilot Tactics Queried (PDF)

Air Safety Week, April 24, 2000: Potential In-Flight Fire Events Occur Daily; Many in Inaccessible Areas (PDF)

Air Safety Week, August 9, 1999: Cockpit Smoke Brings Widebody Close to Ditching Over Atlantic (PDF)

Air Safety Week, December 21, 1998: Danger of Continuous Smoke Not Tested for Certification (PDF)

Time Magazine, September 28, 1998: Aircraft Safety: Blowing Smoke? (PDF)

The Wall Street Journal, September 8, 1998: Smoke, Maintaining Cockpit Visibility Emerge As Issues In Swissair 111 Crash (PDF)

Associated Press, July 06, 1997: Northwest Flight Makes Emergency Landing (PDF)

Newsweek Focus, February 15, 1993: When The Cockpit Fills With Smoke (PDF)

National: Island Detour For 319 As Smoke Fills Cockpit (PDF)

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